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1The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love (Copenhagen 1964)
2The SpotnicksHusky (Tokyo 1966)
3The SpotnicksSleigh Ride (Spotnicks In Winterland)
4The BeatlesInterview 05.06.1964 (Amsterdam, Doelen Hotel)
5The SpotnicksOver And Over (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
6The BeatlesInterview By John Edwars 11.06.1964 (Darwin Airport)
7The SpotnicksHey Good Lookin' (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
8The BeatlesRadio Coverage (Town Hall, Adelaide)
9The SpotnicksAutumn In Japan (Tokyo 1966)
10The BeatlesThanks To Jimmy (Copenhagen 1964)
11The SpotnicksFrosty The Snowman (Spotnicks In Winterland)
12The SpotnicksBye Bye Birdie (Tokyo 1966)
13The SpotnicksHere Comes Santa Claus (Spotnicks In Winterland)
14Jimmie Nicol & The ShubdubsHumpty Dumpty
15Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysWasteland
16The SpotnicksRudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Spotnicks In Winterland)
17Jimmie Nicol & The ShubdubsDon't Come Back
18The BeatlesTill There Was You (Copenhagen 1964)
19The BeatlesThis Boy (Copenhagen 1964)
20The SpotnicksHavah Nagila (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
21The BeatlesShe Loves You (Adelaide 1964)
22The BeatlesInterview (The Beatles In Nederland)
23The BeatlesLong Tall Sally (Adelaide 1964)
24The BeatlesAll My Loving (Blokker 1964 -Late)
25The SpotnicksOde To Dawn (Tokyo 1966)
26The SpotnicksAuld Lang Syne (Spotnicks In Winterland)
27The SpotnicksWorrying Kind (Spotnicks Around The World)
28The SpotnicksMood Of Asia (Spotnicks Around The World)
29Jimmie Nicol & The ShubdubsHusky
30The SpotnicksSilent Night (Spotnicks In Winterland)
31The SpotnicksWhat'd I Say (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
32The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love (Adelaide 1964)
33The SpotnicksHappy Silence (Tokyo 1966)
34Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysJambalaya
35 Disk 4 - With The Beatles
36The BeatlesInterview 04.06.1964 (Copenhagen 1964)
37The BeatlesPress Conference 11.06.1964 (Sheraton Hotel, Sydney)
38The SpotnicksHonkong Blues (Spotnicks Around The World)
39Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysLea Lea (Europa Di Notte)
40The SpotnicksStaggar Lee (James George SP)
41Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysJohnny Be Good (Europa Di Notte)
42The SpotnicksMemory Of Summer (Tokyo 1966)
43The SpotnicksWhen The Saints Go March (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
44Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysOh Boy (Europa Di Notte)
45The BeatlesTwist And Shout (Adelaide 1964)
46The SpotnicksCrying In A Storm (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
47The BeatlesIntro (Adelaide 1964)
48The SpotnicksSteel Guitar Rag (Spotnicks Around The World)
49The BeatlesInterview By Bob Rogers 07.06.1964 (Flight From London To Hong Kong)
50Jimmie Nicol & The ShubdubsNight Train
51Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysWild Eyes And Tender Lips
52The SpotnicksPlayboy's Bunny Hop (Tokyo 1966)
53The SpotnicksSubject In Orbit (Spotnicks Around The World)
54Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysLittle Boy Blue
55The BeatlesInterview 08.06.1964 (President Hotel, Hong Kong)
56The BeatlesAll My Loving (The Beatles In Nederland)
57The SpotnicksMood Of Asia (Tokyo 1966)
58The SpotnicksPlättlaggen (Spotnicks Around The World)
59The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven (Copenhagen 1964)
60The SpotnicksJingle Bells (Spotnicks In Winterland)
61Jimmie NicolRoaring Blue
62The BeatlesMeeting Jimmy Nicol (Abbey Road Rehearsal)
63The SpotnicksParade Of The Wooden Soldiers (Spotnicks In Winterland)
64Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysSexy Rock (Europa Di Notte)
65The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand (Copenhagen 1964)
66 Disk 3 - With The Beatles
67The SpotnicksLe Dernier Train De L'Espace (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
68Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysTutti Frutti (Europa Di Notte)
69The BeatlesLove Me Do
70The BeatlesTwist And Shout (Blokker 1964 -Early)
71The SpotnicksSentimental Guitar (Tokyo 1966)
72The BeatlesThis Boy (Adelaide 1964)
73The BeatlesTwist And Shout (The Beatles In Nederland)
74The BeatlesAll My Loving (Adelaide 1964)
75The BeatlesShe Loves You (Blokker 1964 -Early)
76The SpotnicksTurista (Spotnicks Around The World)
77The BeatlesFarewell To Jimmy 14.05.1964 (Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne)
78The BeatlesTwist And Shout
79The SpotnicksHighflying Scotsman (Tokyo 1966)
80The SpotnicksBig Jump (Tokyo 1966)
81The SpotnicksWinter Wonderland (Spotnicks In Winterland)
82The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There (Blokker 1964 -Late)
83The BeatlesRadio Coverage 11.06.1964 (Mascot Airport)
84The BeatlesInterview By Bob Rogers 12.06.1964 (Flight From Sydney To Adelaide)
85The BeatlesTwist And Shout (Copenhagen 1964)
86The SpotnicksLook Up To The Evening Sta (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
87The BeatlesShe Loves You (Copenhagen 1964)
88 Disk 2 - With The Beatles
89The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven (The Beatles In Nederland)
90The SpotnicksKarelia (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
91The SpotnicksCasting My Spell (Spotnicks Around The World)
92The BeatlesShe Loves You (The Beatles In Nederland)
93Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysGiddy Up A Ding Dong (Europa Di Notte)
94The SpotnicksMemory Of Summer (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
95Colin HicksBrand New Cadillac
96The SpotnicksGeisha Girl (Spotnicks Around The World)
97The SpotnicksWham (Spotnicks In Acapulco)
98 Disk 5 - With The Spotnicks
99The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand
100The SpotnicksHappy Silence (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
101The SpotnicksWinterland (Spotnicks In Winterland)
102The BeatlesPress Conference 08.06.1964 (President Hotel, Hong Kong)
103The BeatlesPress Conference 5 Members 14.06.1964 (Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne)
104The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There (Adelaide 1964)
105The SpotnicksLook Up To The Evening Star (Tokyo 1966)
106The SpotnicksWabash Cannon Ball (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
107Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysBook Of Love (Europa Di Notte)
108The BeatlesTill There Was You (Adelaide 1964)
109The SpotnicksFrom Russia With Love (Tokyo 1966)
110The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand (Blokker 1964 -Early)
111The SpotnicksCrying In A Storm (Tokyo 1966)
112The SpotnicksRecado (Tokyo 1966)
113Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysTwenty Flight Rock (Europa Di Notte)
114The BeatlesIntro (Blokker 1964 -Early)
115The BeatlesLong Tall Sally (The Beatles In Nederland)
116The SpotnicksWhat Now My Love (Spotnicks Around The World)
117The BeatlesInterview By Bob Rogers 10.06.1964 (Hong Kong Airport)
118The SpotnicksThe Old Love Letters (Tokyo 1966)
119The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand (Blokker 1964 -Late)
120The SpotnicksC'Mon Everybody (James George SP)
121The BeatlesJimmy Nicol Leaves 15.06.1964 (Essendon Airport, Melbourne)
122The SpotnicksWhite Christmas (Spotnicks In Winterland)
123The BeatlesCan't Buy Me Love
124The BeatlesInterview By Bob Rogers 11.06.1964 (Sheraton Hotel, Sydney)
125The BeatlesOutro (Adelaide 1964)
126The SpotnicksEl Toro Bravo (Spotnicks In Acapulco)
127The SpotnicksGreen Eyes (Spotnicks Around The World)
128The SpotnicksPiercing The Unknown (Tokyo 1966)
129 Disk 6 - With The Spotnicks
130The BeatlesPress Conference 05.06.1964 (Amsterdam Airport)
131The BeatlesPathe News (Arrival In Amsterdam)
132The BeatlesFrom Me To You
133The SpotnicksMoscow (Spotnicks In Acapulco)
134The SpotnicksUska Dara (Spotnicks Around The World)
135The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There (Blokker 1964 -Early)
136The SpotnicksSentimental Guitar (Spotnicks Around The World)
137Colin Hicks & The Cabin BoysEmpty Arms Blues
138 Disk 1 - Pre Beatles
139The BeatlesLong Tall Sally (Blokker 1964 -Early)
140The SpotnicksJohnny Guitar (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
141The BeatlesIntro (Blokker 1964 -Late)
142Colin HicksLa Dee Dah
143The BeatlesShe Loves You
144The SpotnicksDrum Diddley (Tokyo 1966)
145The BeatlesAll My Loving (Copenhagen 1964)
146The BeatlesRoll Over Beethoven (Adelaide 1964)
147The SpotnicksThe Spotnicks Theme (Spotnicks Live In Japan, 1967)
148The BeatlesPlease Please Me
149The BeatlesI Want To Hold Your Hand (Adelaide 1964)
150The SpotnicksThe Lonesome Port (Tokyo 1966)
151The BeatlesPress Conference 12.06.1964 (South Australian Hotel, Adelaide)


"When you've played with the best, the rest is just, well, the rest." Jimmy Nicol ‘87.

In 1968 Andy Warhol said,"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

So far as the majority of Beatles fans are concerned, he could just as well have been talking about the past......and in particular Jimmy Nicol.

It was Jimmy , who temporarily replaced Ringo as the Beatles drummer for ten whirlwind days for their tour of the Netherlands and the first date in Australia.

On the 14th of June 1964 Jimmy flew back to England and so far as the world was concerned, disappeared back into the obscurity from which he had briefly emerged.

As is usually the case, the truth is a whole lot different.

Jimmys recording career began in the late 1950s when between 1957 and 1959 he was the drummer with Colin Hicks and the Cabin Boys. Colin actually being the brother of a more famous artist, Tommy Steele.

Before that, he had been a drum repairer/technician with Boosey and Hawkes and had also occupied the drummers seat in a few very well known big bands,1960: The Oscar Rabin Band. 1961: and The Cyril Stapleton Big Band.

Following his departure from the Cabin Boys,he joined another fledgling Rock and Roll outfit Vince Eager and the Quite Three until 1960.

The trail then grows cold so far as recordings are concerned as Jimmy seems to have been involved almost exclisively in session work , including jobs with musicians from the orchestras of Ted Heath and Johnny Dankworth.

Rumours persist that he was a member of Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames in 1964, and whilst it is true that he played at the Flamingo Club, where the Blue Flames were the House Band..there is no trace of him on the recordings that they made at the time.

However in 1964 he formed his own band , The Shubdubs whilst continuing his session work.

He had worked for George Martin on both a Tommy Quickly recording session and possibly others on the NEMS roster.A set of recordings entitled Beatlemania featuring a number of Beatles songs also had Jimmie on drums.. When Ringo was hospitalised, it was George who recommended him to Brian Epstein as a replacement.

He rehearsed with John Paul and George at Abbey Road but sadly no recordings seem to exist.

Once back in England , Jimmy reformed the Shubdubs and during 1964 and 1965 they toured extensively. During this time Jimmy also released a solo single as The Sound of Jimmy Nicol.

Between 1965 and 1967 he was a member of the well-known Swedish guitar group The Spotnicks who rush-released a single, The Spotnicks Introducing Jimmy Nicol, titled Husky and Drum Diddley.

In 1967, Nicol lived in Mexico working with samba & bossa nova groups, amongst whom were an outfit called Blue Rain.

He married and had a son, Howard, who in the 1990s was to win an award as sound engineer for his work on a BBC collection of Beatles recordings.

In 1969, he recorded "Jumpin' Jack Flash" (sung in Spanish) with his own band, "Jimmie Nicol Show".

It is here that our story ends.

Sadly we have been unable to trace all of Jimmys recordings, those which have eluded us are

"The Shubdubs" :

Baby Please Don't Go


Solo single as "The Sound of Jimmy Nicol" :


Bim Bam

and Jumpin' Jack Flash (sung in Spanish by "Jimmie Nicol Show").

It is not known if “Blue Rain” ever enterd the recording studio.

What remains is we hope definitive .


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Jimmie Nicol - Nicolodeon - The Jimmy Nicol Anthology Album

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